Publish Open Access for Free

Thanks to a growing number of agreements negotiated by the Max Planck Digital Library with many major publishers, Max Planck authors can publish their articles open access at no cost to them increasing the visibility and impact of their work!

When publishing an article in any of the journals listed below, the relative article processing charges (APCs) will be fully covered by central library funds. Before submission, please make sure to meet the specific criteria for central OA funding under the MPS Open Access agreement with the particular publisher, each available on the MPDL website. To ensure authors are not charged APCs, they will be prompted to state their Max Planck affiliation upon submission and/or in post-acceptance author workflows.

Please note that the list is regularly updated from various data sources with added titles, titles that are dropped (either because they are discontinued or transferred to other publishers), as well as possible changes in business models (hybrid to fully OA).

Please be aware that we rely on timely information and updates from the respective publishers to keep this list up-to-date. Therefore, despite all efforts, it may not be completely accurate at all times.

Furthermore, a journal transfer that overlaps with the submission or publication process of an article may also, in very rare and unlikely instances, lead to articles not being covered, e.g. if it entails a change to the eligibility date of an article or in case of transfers to publishers without a central Open Access agreement after an article was submitted.

If you have questions about whether you can publish your work open access for free in specific journals, do get in touch with us.

Max Planck authors publishing their articles open access in any of the titles in this list are in full compliance with Plan S.